Praise for the book   VIMY: Canada's Memorial to a Generation


“In a few months, I shall be walking on the sacred ground of Vimy Ridge at last. Reading this powerful book by Jacqueline Hucker and Julian Smith, with its wonderful photos, confirmed my plan to spend the last days of my French vacation on this site that is so important to our nation.”


Jenni Mortin

for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix

StarPhoenix Review



“Your book is exquisite. The text, the photos, the layout of the pages, the information, the colours of the “sidebars,” and the writing sustain an organic force that creates an unforgettably moving and inspiring reading experience.”


John Dunphy

Educator, and author of Indian River



"A stunning tribute, beautifully crafted and as respectful of the sacrifice

of our brave soldiers as we could imagine. The creators of the masterpiece

were infused by the spirit of Vimy, as should we all be."


Bob Plamondon

Policy Consultant and author of Blue Thunder: The Truth about

Conservatives from Macdonald to Harper.



"The book really captures the conflicting feelings of pride and horror and overwhelming sadness I experienced during my visit. It was one of the

most visceral experiences of my life."


John Clay